NEW ORLEANS – According to the Center for Disease Control, cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability for children. Saturday, parents in the New Orleans area had the opportunity Saturday morning to learn more about the disorder and treatments.

Children’s Hospital New Orleans hosted a town hall panel Saturday morning to discuss cutting edge treatments for children living with cerebral palsy.

Jennifer Lyman is no stranger to Children’s Hospital. Her 12-year-old son Bauer has cerebral palsy but she says she doesn’t let her stop her adorable boy.

“He goes to festivals, Jazz Fest and loves Mardi Gras, Lyman said. “He’s out there in the mix with all the other kids. He’s a great kid.”

Lyman says that Children’s Hospital New Orleans is a lifeline. That support includes a new clinic where all the professionals Bauer must see can come together for one appointment.

“It’s a one-stop shop for us,” Lyman said. She says it is great to have surgeons, physical therapists and neuro doctors in the same room together discussing treatment.

But the support does not end with just the doctor’s appointment. Because the treatment for cerebral palsy is always changing, the hospital hosted a free seminar for parents. One of Baurer’s doctors was a speaker for Saturday’s event.

The events were videotaped and parents can also watch video of the seminar online.

“I hope they get questions answered,” Dr. Ann Tilton said. “I hope they learn things they didn’t realize were opportunities. I hope they can go home with new optimism that they can really have a future and plans for the next step.”

Bauer and his mom know their next steps.

“Steps are slow with CP, but he’s healthy and happy and really well adjusted,” Lyman said.