NEW ORLEANS – A group of concerned citizens gathered on the steps of City Hall on Saturday to call for Mayor Mitch Landrieu to resign.

They organized the ‘Flood City Hall Rally’ in response to recent flood damage stemming from problems at the Sewerage and Water Board and the Department of Public Works. they accuse the mayor of a lack of leadership and accountability. The group says that Landrieu should step down effective January 1 and let the newly-elected mayor take over, rather than wait until inauguration in May.

“You can't walk away with a legacy of success, when you have nothing but a legacy of failure. The city's falling apart, the infrastructure's broken, we find out that the drainage system is completely broken, crime out of control.. that's no legacy to go forward with any type of future,” Adrian Bruneau, participant and organizer of the rally, said.

The group is also demanding reparations from the city for people whose homes, businesses and cars flooded due to the city’s drainage system.

Bruneau said that he believes residents are upset because the flooding could have been avoided.

“People in Mid-City they got water in their homes, they got water in their cars, and it was so preventable. I think that's why the anger has come out,” Bruneau said.

One of the group's demands, a third party analysis of the Sewerage and Water Board, is already being met. The city has started accepting bids for that contract and has set up a deadline of August 21 for those bids to be submitted.