NEW ORLEANS- Reading the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association's Facebook page, Lakeview resident Paul Begue feels a bit uneasy.

"It doesn't give me the confidence that I would like," Begue said.

The letter to Begue and his neighbors gives them an update, letting them know that while repairs are being made on drainage pumps, the city is designating Lakeview as Zone #1 on the city's Assisted Evacuation Plans if a tropical system were to hit.

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The letter goes on to say that if a tropical storm or hurricane heads towards Lakeview in the future, the city will send RTA buses to the neighborhood evacuation spot at the corner of Canal Boulevard and Harrison Avenue.

With the recent events on August 5, Begue has very little confidence in the city.

"When I hear that we have the most sophisticated pumping in the world, and a Saturday afternoon storm, although it was a big one, drowns houses and businesses, that's a big deal," Begue said.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, city leaders told the public they are closely monitoring Tropical Depression Harvey and are consistently making progress on their pumps and turbines.

"Since August 6, we've brought back one turbine online, repaired three pumps, and secured and mobilized 26 backup generators," Aaron Miller with Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness said.

"I think we're prepared and the microscope is on us now. We better be good!" Lakeview resident Bobby Turner said.

Turner is optimistic things will be okay if a heavy rain event occurs.

"The systems good! We had numerous systems that were out, now we're just about fixed. So we're in good shape. Plus, we cleaning these catch basins and stuff. And that's a lot of it," Turner said.