NEW ORLEANS – Road work and bad streets seems to be a way of life in the city, but a new website is helping combat that.

Drive down State Street and you feel like you are on a roller coaster.

"I don't have words to say how bad these roads are," resident Stephanie Thompson said.

From uneven pavement to lifted manholes, Thompson said drivers speed up at their own risk.

"Nobody uses the gas pedal. We just kind of coast down the street," Thompson said.

Thompson added that the roads have gotten so bad, cars are literally falling apart.

"We've had so many people go up and down this street and set off their air bags,” Thompson said. “I knocked a rim off my car going not that fast."

For resident Travis Chen, the rough roads are damaging more than cars.

"Our cable line's been ripped out a few times because cars will be driving and they'll have to get real close to where our house is, and the cable line is a little bit low, and so it rips it out and we're out of internet for a couple of days," Chen said.

Major repairs are coming over the next few months through the city's capital improvement program. This summer, leaders negotiated a $1.2 billion settlement with FEMA that will help fund repairs on Katrina damaged roads and infrastructure across different parts of Orleans Parish.

"This is a little bit different than a normal capital program in that we're not focused on, you know, repairing one particular street from block A to block B,” Mark Jernigan, Director of Public Works said. “We're looking at multiple blocks of streets spread across every neighborhood."

If drivers want to avoid the repair work and added traffic, the city has created a new web page where residents can now search block by block the current and future road projects happening in your neighborhood.

"You click on where your house is it's going to tell you what's going on with that project, what kind of work is going to be done, what kind of schedule it's on," Cedric Grant, Executive Director of Sewerage and Water Board said.

For many like Chen, knowing a smoother drive is on its way makes the upcoming traffic woes easier to handle.

Click here to visit the roadwork website.