Should Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni have remodeled his Elmwood office to look like the Oval Office of President George W. Bush? As Eyewitness Investigator David Hammer reported on Monday, Yenni quietly increased the budget for improvements in parish executive offices by more than 1600 percent last year, but he says he used only his own money to make his inner office look like George W. Bush’s Oval Office in the White House. The issue is the topic of this week’s Commentary by Eyewitness News Political Analyst and Gambit columnist Clancy DuBos.

Just when you thought the Mike Yenni story couldn’t get any weirder, the scandalized Jefferson Parish president has remodeled his Elmwood office to replicate the Oval Office of President George W. Bush.

You heard that right. The guy who sexted a 17-year-old boy while running for office wants his parish president’s office to look like “the” president’s office.

Yenni says he did it at his own expense, but last year his executive office improvement budget increased more than 1600 percent. Hmmm. Something about that number — 1600. Oh, yeah, that’s the address of the White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Two questions now: What does all this say about Yenni’s priorities? And can Mike Yenni possibly get any weirder?