Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of John Bel Edwards taking office as Louisiana’s governor.

In this week’s Commentary, Eyewitness News Political Analyst and Gambit columnist Clancy DuBos takes a look back — and a look at the year ahead.

There was no honeymoon period for Governor John Bel Edwards.

His Republican foes in the House fought him at virtually every step, which is their right, especially in matters of taxes and budgeting. As the state continues to run a deficit, voters are still waiting to see House Republicans’ plan.

Not all of Edwards’s challenges were political. Mass shootings and massive floods overshadowed the political fights. And on that front, voters give Edwards high marks.

Looking ahead, Louisiana’s fiscal problems will continue to dog the governor and lawmakers. Edwards promises to keep pushing for tax reform. That goal has eluded Louisiana governors for generations.

It seems a governor’s job, like a mayor’s and a president’s, is never really done.