The hot topic of short-term rentals in New Orleans remains unresolved at city hall.

In fact, within the past hour, the city council announced it'll defer a vote on the issue, which was to come up at Thursday’s meeting.

The council will now consider it October 20. However, Clancy Dubos isn't waiting. In fact, it's the topic of this week's commentary.

Mayor Landrieu and City Council members have been studying the short-term rental issue long enough. It’s time to make some decisions.

Online rental apps like Airbnb have had a dramatic, and not always positive, impact on neighborhoods and hotels across the country, especially in historic cities like ours.

Proponents of short-term rentals say they encourage people to restore old houses. That’s true, but so does traditional home ownership, which has the added benefit of stabilizing neighborhoods.

The City Planning Commission has recommended reasonable restrictions on absentee-owned short-term rentals, but the Council and the mayor seem reluctant to act. Meanwhile, thousands of unlicensed, unregulated, untaxed, illegal short-term rentals continue to flood the local market — and local neighborhoods.