NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Police lights and crime scene tape surrounding Mid-City streets, sadly, does not come as a shock anymore to the Tulane Banks Neighborhood Association co-founders.

“For this to keep happening… it’s not okay!” Mallory Leblanc said.

Saturday morning’s deadly shooting on Tulane Avenue only adds to their frustration. Five people were shot shortly after 12:30 a.m.. Three of the victims died from their gunshot wounds.

The shooting was the start of a deadly and violent weekend. In total, 13 people were shot in a 24-hour period – the bloodiest day for New Orleans so far this year.

“What we’re seeing in this neighborhood isn’t an uptick in crime,” co-founder Josh Capdeville said. “This is a very well documented, continuation of a serious criminal activity in a very small section of Mid-City.”

It is this continuous trend in crime that the organization is combating. After Saturday’s shooting, Capdeville and LeBlanc quickly organized an emergency meeting – calling on homeowners and city leaders to join them.

“It’s not okay that I can’t walk two blocks from my house and go to a business on Tulane Avenue to support my local neighbors and businesses in fear of something happening to me,” LeBlanc said.

It is an issue that Mayor Mitch Landrieu touched on earlier in the day. Along with questions about whether the party where the shooting happened was properly licensed.

“I know people want to focus on whether it was licensed or not licensed,” Landrieu said. “That’s not the reason why the individuals shot. If they wouldn’t have shot them there, they would have shot them someplace else. It’s the act of not having any values for any life under any circumstance.”

LeBlanc says Tulane Avenue has been a bad corridor for years.

“And it’s unfortunate,” LeBlanc said. “And it’s still lingering around. But we’re trying to stop that. And we’re trying to save it.”

Organizers say they want this problem resolved right now before it gets any worse.