NEW ORLEANS – For many Americans, Saturday was a day to honor our veterans, those on active duty and who have served in the past.

A group of community members gathered together to make sure that one group of veterans was taken care of.

Veterans Day at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center means a lot of classic Louisiana food. Delicious food going into the stomachs of U.S. Military veterans.

“We got Jambalaya, and hot dogs and salad and cookies,” volunteer Sarah Heximer said.

The event is an outreach program where most of the veterans are homeless or close to being homeless.

Larry Tero is one of those veterans and had cancer. As a result, he lost his voice box and uses an electrolarx to speak. He said it means the world to him to have the support of his fellow Americans.

“It's wonderful, wonderful. Wonderful things, makes you feel great,” Tero said.

Tero served from 1969-1973 and always has a smile on his face.

“You always gotta think positive in this world today. You gotta stay positive whatever you do,” Tero said.

Owen Doss is another veteran that enjoyed the event.

“I think it’s great that they care enough for us that they would do something like this. I appreciate everything they do for us,” Doss said.

However, for the volunteers and workers at the VA, the appreciate him even more.

“They have done so much for us and our freedom, and it's just really great to help to give a little back. It doesn't even compare to what they've done for us,” Heximer said.

Fernando Rivera, VA Medical Center Director, said that he feels honored to serve those who have served for the country.

“Being able to serve the men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedom is a privilege,” Rivera said.