NEW ORLEANS -- Dozens of people attended a town hall meeting on crime and crime preventing in Uptown Thursday night.

H.V. Nagendra said he notices a startling trend in his neighborhood off Carrollton Avenue.

"What we have observed is that there are more property crimes on the east of Carrollton and more personal crimes on the west of Carrollton," Nagendra said.

For Kirk Groome, who lives near Tulane and Loyola universities, it is the youth he feels are vulnerable.

"We've had assaults on students as well as break-ins," Groome said. The last break-in was half a block up from my house between 6:30 and 8 p.m."

Groome and Nagendra voiced their frustrations during Thursday night's town hall meeting Uptown hosted by Councilmember Susan Guidry.

"The question of crime and what causes it and how we can stop it and how we can anticipate it, is a group of questions that will always be asked and can only be partially answered. And so, we've got to keep searching for the triggers to the cause of crime," Guidry said.

Members of NOPD informed attendees about crime statistics and crime trends while answering several of their questions.
One of the many questions frequently asked pertained to community policing.

"I would like to see more police presence," Groome said. "I realize that they have a shortage of people. They have somewhat more violent neighborhoods. But, we need a police presence. Rather than driving down St. Charles, it'd be nice if they just drove down Maple street."

Neighbors agreed.

"I think that's what they really want to see. More community police initiatives like foot patrols, bike patrols where we get to know one another. But certainly we're a community police minded organization that we solve community problems and citizens problems," Superintendent Harrison said.

Harrison said it's meeting like this that reduce problems and increases a healthy relationship between law enforcement and the people they serve.

NOPD said they have COMSTAT meetings weekly and NONPACC meetings monthly for residents to stay informed.