It's a story Eyewitness News has been telling since Hurricane Katrina; coyotes roaming the West Bank, Uptown and lakefront neighborhoods, in some cases taking pets as prey.

Now it appears to have happened again in Lake Vista.

Eyewitness News received a call from another distraught pet owner, and again, coyotes are the suspected predators.

"He was born here. I helped him, deliver him. It's rough when you love a cat," owner and Lake Vista resident Chip Pierce said fighting back tears.

Mother "Minnie" is just one of the many cats the Pierce family rescued off of the streets. Her son, "Otto," was born in their home soon after, but after eight years as part of the family, for the first time, Otto didn't come when called.

"I had a feeling something was horrible. I just knew it."

Then his wife took their Labrador Retriever "Buck" for a walk Monday in the park behind their Lake Vista home.

"She came back screaming. Hysterical, okay. She said, 'You got to see this.' We started to seeing parts of him, his hind leg, and he was taken apart," said Pierce sadly.

Their son buried what was left of Otto, a hind leg and a paw. The family believes they know what happened to him.

"My son saw a coyote about a week ago, and the same day, my wife's friend on Rail (Street), said her daughter saw the same coyote. Now they are coming. They're spotted. The Beauregard levee all the way to the Greek church."

That is not far from the site of the old Kennedy High School on Wisner Boulevard, or another neighborhood in Lake Vista where Eyewitness News did multiple stories a few years ago when coyotes were grabbing small dogs at mealtime. The Pierces are missing two other cats and so is a neighbor.

"The security told me that on Lark Street, another cat was torn apart," he said.

Now they are calling on the authorities to do something, because people are scared to walk their pets at night.

If you spot coyotes, do not contact animal control at the Louisiana SPCA. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says to call the nuisance animal contractor in your area.

Information about nuisance animal control can be found here:

Who to contact in your area for removal of nuisance animals can be found here: