MARRERO- The neighborhood surrounding Lawrence Dufrene's home was quiet Monday, as everyone's thoughts and prayers were on the man many say was well liked.

"He's a really nice guy. Always helping us out," said neighbor Mike Ingram. "I've been knowing him eight or ten years."

Dufrene, 45, has been identified as one of the platform workers injured in a Sunday night explosion on Lake Pontchartrain. Relatives say he is suffering from second and third degree burns. He is one of two victims sent to Baton Rouge General's Burn Unit due to the severity of their injuries.

Dufrene's Facebook profile says he is an operator with Clovelly Oil Co., the owner of the platform, who has a fiance, young daughter and three siblings.

"Feel really bad for him, you know," said Ingram, "Always happens to the nicest people."

Dufrene's neighbors describe him as quiet, but kind.

"Anytime you need something, he's always coming to ask us. He'd be glad to help ya," said Ingram.

In fact, he's helped out our Eyewitness Weather Team many times with pictures of various skies he's seen from the very platform that went up in flames Sunday night.

Now, loved ones are telling friends they're praying Dufrene will be okay and many are in prayer with them.