When the Kenner platform explosion happened last Sunday, it made many worry that it could be another BP oil spill and fortunately it was not.

However, the two incidents are similar.

The Deepwater Horizon explosion lead to the worst offshore oil disaster in U.S. history. A movie based on the event was released last year, so the event was fresh in residents’ minds when the Kenner explosion happened.

Mike Williams is one of The Deepwater Horizon survivors and in the movie, he is played by actor Mark Wahlberg. Williams spoke with Eyewitness News from Canada, where he has been working with fuel companies to prevent disaster from happening.

"It took me back to that moment when I faced life and death,” Williams said.

After hearing about what happened in Kenner, he recalled the moments before the rig exploded.

"It was simply the pressure was so great, the decisions made were so faulty that we ended up in a situation that was uncontrollable,” Williams said.

While that rig was father off shore, he says workers are essentially on an isolated island.

"Without supply ships or support vessels close by, you're taking your life and your own future in your own hands when you jump off of that thing," Williams said.

It was terrifying and for Williams, jumping was a last resort.

"In my particular instance, I had pretty severe injuries that really hindered my abilities to swim away from the disaster,” Williams said.

Following Kenner’s explosion, he has been studying the details and calls it a freak accident.

"Cleaning agents in of themselves are inherently safe, but it's painfully obvious at this point that something explosive made its way onto the vessel in an uncontrolled fashion, and it found an ignition,” he said.

As the investigation continues he hopes the results will lead to better safety protocols.

"We need the people to have the guts and the courage to go out there and get it for us, and we need to appreciate that as we jump into our cars, sit in our homes and watch our flat screen TVs,” he said.

However, he says no amount of training or equipment can perfectly eliminate the chance of an accident.

Eight people were on the platform in Kenner and one man is still missing. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, has now joined the investigation into the incident.