NEW ORLEANS -- The man accused of killing NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway was deemed incompetent to stand trial in court Thursday, but that he still might have his day in court.

WWL-TV legal analyst Pauline Hardin says accused cop killer Travis Boys could still go on trial, depending on what mental health experts have to say about the moment he smeared feces on his face in court.

"Is he truly incompetent or is this a show he's putting on?" Hardin said. "They have 90 days to (answer) that. At the end of the 90 days he'll be sent back to court here in New Orleans and the doctors will either report that he is competent to stand trial or not competent to stand trial."

Thursday afternoon, Judge Karen Herman ruled in court that Travis Boys was incompetent to stand trial. The Judge's ruling follows a bizarre scene yesterday. During Jury selection, Boys pulled out a bag of feces and smeared it on his face and mouth.

Officer Holloway's Uncle, David Belfield, called the ruling disappointing, but says he understands where the judge is coming from.

"The lawyers did what they were suppose to do to protect their client. The judge did what she was suppose to do protect the record cause we don't want to do this twice," Belfield said.

Hardin agreed that this is most likely just Judge Herman being cautious with the case.

"Because of the extreme nature of what the defendant did in court, it's highly unusual, so I'm sure the judge is being cautious in making sure that this man is competent to stand trial," Hardin said.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro strongly disagreed with the ruling today, saying in part:

"I had hoped that this court was too intelligent to allow an accused cop-killer to hijack these proceeds, but I was incorrect. The city of New Orleans sunk to a new low when we turned control of our criminal justice system over to an accused murderer who killed a dedicated police officer on film."