NEW ORLEANS -- A dog found in the rubble of an EF-3 tornado three weeks ago is finally up for adoption.

Wonder is a two-year-old mix breed who was found in an area hit by last month's tornado.

It's been a rough few weeks for the dog, who was found injured and needed a leg amputation. While she may only have three legs, it's not stopping her from enjoying life; she just needs someone to enjoy it with.

Walk up to her kennel, and you'll see one happy pup.

"She's super sweet and so loveable and gentle," said Destinie Hammond, the Louisiana SPCA Communications Associate.

However, this dog, who's so full of life, has a story of survival.

"She had a really severe leg injury that we actually think she got before the storm," said Hammond. "But because our officers were out there looking for injured animals, they came across her. If we wouldn't have found her, she probably would have died from those injuries."

A Louisiana SPCA worker found Wonder along Chef Highway in rubble from the tornado that hit New Orleans East on February 7. They said she was alive but in bad shape.

"He noticed a dog house and figured he'd take a peak in to see if there was a dog in there and there actually was," said Hammond. "She was sitting there cowering and he immediately noticed how bad her leg was."

Her back right leg was horribly infected and had to be amputated. The surgery took four hours, a lengthy one for medical staff because of how much reconstruction was needed to Wonder's back area. While difficult, Wonder bounced back.

"We see tripods a lot and they are the spunkiest, fun-loving dogs you've ever seen," said Hammond.

As Wonder heals, she's starting to learn the joys of life again.

"You can hardly tell she's hopping around on three legs because she knows how to get around," she said.

Right now that doesn't include tennis balls, but cuddles are a must. While a scar shows her painful past, there's hope somebody is out there who will bring her a loving future.

"Wonder is an absolute wonder," Hammond said. "She's a great dog and she'll be great for any family so we want anyone to come down and meet her."

For more information on adopting Wonder or any other furry friend, go here.