NEW ORLEANS - No fur, and ravaged with a highly contagious skin disease. Pictures show how the Louisiana SPCA found a Retriever/Labrador mix named Dhalia In February, under a blue Tarp at a home in Claiborne Parish.

"The house was so dilapidated and torn apart, broken down furniture, dogs inside walking around in their own urine and feces - just layers of it" said Deepak Saini of the LSPCA.

Saini explained that rescuers found three dogs inside the home and Dahlia outside next to the carcass of a fifth dog.

"Her nails were growing into her own skin, and she had Sarcoptic mange, ring worm, heart worm. She had no fur on her skin, she just looked in horrible shape" said Saini.

Her condition was so bad and contagious that Doctors had to wear protective layers unable to touch Dahlia's skin.

"It was obvious to us that she had had no medical treatment in her life before and we assume that she appears to be about eight years old,"Saini explained. "That's a really long time to go without any kind of medical care.”

With the help of the Humane Society of the United States, Dahlia came to the LSPCA where she received thousands of dollars worth of medical care, was micro-chipped, spayed and vaccinated.

After nearly 4 months of rehab and treatment, Dahlia is now flourishing and looking for a forever home.

"It's just been amazing to see how she comes to you. Her tail wags when she sees you. She's excited to see you, and she wants to be held. She wants to be petted and she just wants to make you happy" Saini said.

Dahlia is just one of 43,000 animals that the Louisiana SPCA serve every year and now this dog once left outside and forgotten has a chance to be happy.

With Dahlia’s adoption, she come with free dental in her first year and heart worm check ups.

For more on Dahlia, and other adoptable animals, visit the LASPCA's website.