NEW ORLEANS -- For many people pets are family and of course your pets need to leave with you if you evacuate. While there's probably no evacuation threat this week, you need to make evacuation plans for you and your pets now just in case.

The LASPCA recommends having extra food, bowls, any medications and a comfort item like a blanket or toy, on hand in case you need to evacuate with your pet. Also make sure you have a create or kennel and you pets vaccination records.

The LASPCA also recommends micro chipping your pet. If you're leaving for a hotel or family member's house, make sure to check before hand that your pet can come along. If you're evacuating through the city, you'll need to call 311 beforehand and reserve a spot for your pet.

Wayne Sizemore and his dog Baby are making plans now, just in case.

"I'm dependent on her, she's dependent on me," Sizemore said. "She's my family."

Sizemore was concerned after calling 311 and hearing he and his dog won't be in the same shelter in the event of an evacuation. Sara Dawdy with the LA SPCA assures us owner and pet won't be far apart.

"The owner can visit the pet every day and take care of all the feeding and cleaning and medicating any necessary care that the pet needs during the time you need to remain evacuated," Dawdy said.

The LA SPCA also offers cheap micro chipping and tag printing for you. Planning now will save valuable time later, and ensure you and your pet are safe and together