NEW ORLEANS -- After a large tire fire under the High Rise bridge Wednesday night, the Department of Transportation is concerned about the overpass' structural integrity.

Thursday morning, crews cleared away the burned tires and debris to examine the support underneath the bridge.

"We're in the process of inspecting a couple girders and one of the piers that support the eastbound lanes on the down ramp of the high rise," Scott Boyle, with the DOTD.

Boyle is an assistant administrator with DOTD operations and said they don't know what caused the fire, but confirmed crews have found superficial damage to the structures below.

While Eyewitness news was on the scene, we saw crews chipping away at the concrete to see how far the damage had penetrated. Investigators are looking for any weak spots, or possibly hallowed out spots that may have been caused by heat damage.

Some good news, so far, is that crews haven't found a reason to shut down I-10.

It could have been much worse. Boyle credits the firefighters for their work in putting the fire under control within 30 minutes.

"They did a fantastic job last night along with all the emergency responders to put this out before it could have been a true catastrophe," Boyle said.