NEW ORLEANS -- There was excitement in the 5800 block of Louis XIV when the city of New Orleans replaced broken and long neglected catch basins in front of their homes.

Lakeview neighbor Carol Lewis had high hopes the new drains would work after enduring years of street flooding on her block.

"It's very upsetting to see all the time, the money wasted on things that don't work," Lewis said. "It's like putting a paint job on a car that doesn't run."

Neighbor Stu Godfried said the new catch basins did not achieve their objective.

Godfried added, "I looked out my window this morning I was like hoping that I would have a relatively dry road, street. Nope! Nope!"

WWL-TV asked civil engineer H.J. Bosworth from to inspect the catch basins.

"Certainly, you can send a crew out with some bricks and some mortar and some iron and pull up the old catch basin and put in a new catch basin and that looks great, however clearly this doesn't work," Bosworth said.

Bosworth maintains the problem is not with the catch basins, it's what they are connected to.

"The cracks in that are visible to me through the water show me that there's movement of the sub-grade and probably movement of the sub-grade into a cracked drain line," Bosworth said.

According to the city, more work will be done to improve drainage on this block. More extensive drainage point repairs are now slated for the first quarter of next year.

Why wasn't all the work done at the same time? According to the city, the drainage point repairs required additional engineering.

This project is part of the 14 million dollars in emergency repairs approved after the Aug. 5 flood in the city.