NEW ORLEANS - Cedric Grant, the retiring executive director of the Sewerage and Water Board said Thursday that 16 of the city's pumps were not working during Saturday's rain event.

In addition, one of the 16 pumps that didn't work Saturday was a major one serving the Broad Street station.

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That total is up once again from a number that has increased from 7 to 8 to 14 and now 16 pumps that did not work.

The meeting, which was supposed to be a look back at the failures on Saturday, also looked at the current predicament in the city where the majority of the east bank is now vulnerable to a heavy rain as 4 out of 5 turbines that power the pumps on the east bank are not working.

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With the news of the city's vulnerability and the forecast of a chance of continued heavy rain, most of the city's schools closed Thursday.

Mayor Landrieu expressed frustration that the numbers and facts continue to change even today - five days after the event.

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