ELMWOOD, La. -- Little leaguers from Jefferson Parish were going to play in a baseball tournament in Bellevue, Nebraska, but a tornado destroyed the fields they were going to play on, forcing event organizers to cancel.

Lisa Higgins has a 12-year-old son playing for the Big Easy Jazz from Elmwood.

“He was a catcher for the first several years, now he's moved to third base and he pitches,” Higgins said. “The kids were going to have the opportunity to stay in dorm type barracks and bond with their team and coaches.”

The cancellation was a disappointment for the families and players, but now parents have a bigger problem. Why haven’t they gotten their money back?

“It's very frustrating, the team spent nearly ten thousand dollars, that's the amount we sent to Omaha to organizers of the tournament," Higgins said.

After asking for their money back, about $680 per player, parents were told they wouldn’t get any of it back. And Higgins says the City of Bellevue and the tournament organizers are pointing fingers at each other, not giving her much hope for a resolution.

Both claim the other is responsible for refunding the team’s money.

“We're just trying to get back what we sent," Higgins said.

Bellevue’s City Attorney, Pat Sullivan, says the city and tournament organizers had an agreement: The organizers would have insurance in case anything prevented the teams from playing and that money would be used to reimburse the teams.

“We're not going to have the income from them if they're walking away from the program," Sullivan said. "If they had some type of event like that, there would be insurance in place to cover it. They failed to maintain that insurance.”

However, parents say they don’t care who it comes from, they just want their money back.

Eyewitness News reached out to the tournament organizers, World Baseball Village, several times, but they have not responded to our calls. Meanwhile, parents of the ball players say they're looking into their legal options to get their money back.