NEW ORLEANS -- Longtime New Orleans cultural advocate Allison Reinhardt, 40, has devoted her career to looking after others.

She has tutored, mentored and doted on hundreds of children in Roots of Music, a youth music program she co-founded with Derrick Tabb. She’s made sure that adult musicians got the health care and financial assistance they needed through her work at the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.

So it was classic Reinhardt to be in caretaker mode Saturday, despite being badly injured a week earlier in a crash blamed on drunk driver Neilson Rizzuto that injured dozens of spectators at the Endymion parade.

According to a report from our partners at The New Orleans Advocate, Reinhardt's left ribs were fractured, puncturing her lung, though that seems to be healing, she said, urging that people not worry about her, though she had no health insurance and so hospital bills are a concern.

Reinhardt came home on Monday. But her efforts to do anything are hobbled by a massive sling attached to a foam support pillow that sticks out from her body like a snare drum.

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The contraption is designed to support her badly fractured upper arm, shoulder and collarbone, which may require surgery next week. On top of that, she has scratches and abrasions all over her body, even though she was wearing thick jeans and a long-sleeve shirt.

By comparison with some people, she figures, she has it good. “I’m in my hometown. I have all of these people babysitting me,” Reinhardt said, as sousaphonist Edward Lee stopped by to check on her. Her boss has continued to pay her salary, though she can’t work. And she has had a friend with her at all times since her accident.

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