This is the first Thanksgiving for families in New Orleans who saw their homes damaged and destroyed by tornado last February.

Some have recovered, while others are still waiting for repairs. The Hartfords, who live near Sherwood Drive, say they have been fortunate to repair their home.

Seafood gumbo is the quintessential dish at the at the Hartford house.This year the family says the food tastes better than ever.

Like so many others, Hartford had to deal with a lot of clean up and recovery following the tornado that hit her neighborhood.

"Debris glass, wood, everything, roof shingles, everything all over everything," Martha Hartford explained of what she saw outside her home last February. "I mean we literally almost passed out because this house was damaged severely."

Hartford's house was covered in wood beams, tree limbs, and insulation the day after the EF-3 tornado hit.

Now things are almost back to normal for the family, but down the street, eight months after the storm, some are still reeling.

"I have inside damages as far as inside the ceiling," Antonio Nathan said, looking at the blue tarp covering a large part of his roof.

Nathan says major repairs to his home are being held up by insurance.

"I was going to let it get to me at first, but I say it cannot, with the roof, and the inside of the ceiling, I cannot let that steal my spirit," he said.

While the neighborhood shows a lot of signs towards recovery, it is clear it's also still rebuilding.

"Hopefully by next Thanksgiving, everybody will be back," Hartford said.