NEW ORLEANS -- It's been three weeks and there is still no sign of 76-year-old Jean Stokes, who was last seen in the 4900 block of Good Drive in New Orleans East.

Her family searched Friday in two different locations. The first was where crews found Stokes’ car last week. The second was under an overpass nearby where a cell phone registered

The family, with the help of dog handlers for the state Department of Correction and former state Rep. Austin Badon, searched 2 miles looking for Stokes.

They searched on foot and used ATVs dogs. Unfortunately, the woods around the area where her vehicle were found are so dense, they can only be searched on foot, and the woods go on for miles.

The family remains hopeful that Stokes is still alive but it's been an agonizing three weeks for them. They know someone in this city knows what happened to the head of the family and they say they need answers now.

The family called off the search around 1 p.m. but they say it will not be the last time they look for Stokes. Her daughter flew to the city from Houston and said she won't leave until she finds her mom.

Stokes' relatives have offered a $5,000 reward for any information that can lead them to her.