LAPLACE, La. - A Reserve family is begging for answers after their loved one was killed in a hit-and-run seven years ago.

"I want the world to know a golden heart stopped beating October 14, 2009," said Necohle Stanton, Dionne's aunt. That day is when Dionne Gant-Duhe's family said everything stopped.

"I just get sad, so I really try and not think about it ever," said Dionne's cousin, Ashira Stanton.

"It was a moment I'll never forget," said Stanton. "It's seven years today and I promise you my world has never been the same. It shattered us."

The then-36-year-old was crossing Airline Highway to get to a dialysis center on the corner of Belle Point Road in LaPlace when tragedy struck.

"She walked across the street to the gas station to get a newspaper and on her way back, at 5:45 a.m. a vehicle hit her," said Stanton.

The car never stopped, but time went on. And now, years later, her family is still seeking justice.

"It's been extremely challenging because we don't know who did it," said Ashira. "Like that's the thing. If we knew who did it, it wouldn't be a problem because we would have closure."

"How could you live knowing you killed somebody?" said Stanton.

All year long, Dionne's family and friends make sure her name is never forgotten by going around and spreading the word about her death. However, every year on the anniversary of Dionne's death, they gather at the spot on Airline Highway to remember their loved one and to try and find answers.

Pictures were placed on corners as fliers were passed out to every person who drove by. And hand-in-hand, those at the vigil, including law enforcement, prayed as one. They say they were all hoping this will be the year their prayers for justice will be answered.

"It's been challenging not knowing," said Ashira. "So whenever that person comes to justice or whenever we find out who that is, we'll be able to get some closure and get some rest with it."

"We need answers as a family," said Stanton.

Officers believe the car involved was a dark colored Ford Mustang from the mid to late '90s. They also believe the car would have damage to the front of the vehicle.