Music fans in New Orleans no longer have to travel out the state to see their favorite artists. Big names like Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars and Jay-Z are now performing in the city. Music lovers like Carolyn Lecaro say this is good news.

"The people who are coming now, all the bands and the acts, it's really refreshing to see that they're actually coming to this city," said Carolyn.

Those big names include U2, who is performing on Thursday night at the Superdome. It is the band's first performance in New Orleans since they played in 2006 during the first Saints game after Hurricane Katrina. Since that performance, fans have had to travel all around the country to see the Irish rock band.

"I saw them in Dallas in May and it was amazing and then after that I found out they were coming to New Orleans and I was like 'I can't not come,'" said resident Erin Dauchy.

"I was really happy to know they were coming here instead of me trying to travel anywhere in the country to go see them," Lecaro said.

Russell Doussan, president of Live Nation New Orleans, says the company is seeing shows in New Orleans grow from seven in 2014 to about 41 this year.

"In the past, they used to bypass and go to major markets; now New Orleans is a major player," Doussan said. "It's a great compliment to what we already have in the Pelicans and the Saints and Jazz Fest and other staple events."

People who live in New Orleans, like Lecaro, and those visiting say they are glad to see even more music in the city.

"As long as they keep saying yes to coming here that'd be great; I hope they continue. I love music and for a city that loves music, this is great," Lecaro said.