BILOXI, Miss. -- Firefighters saved four puppies trapped in a cage inside a burning home in East Biloxi.

According to the Biloxi Fire Department, firefighters heard the whining puppies while extinguishing a house fire on Crawford Street around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, July 10.

“We were venting the structure for smoke and I heard the puppies,” Capt. Otto Vuyovich said. “I immediately pulled out the cage and one was moving while the other three seemed to be passed out.”

Firefighter James Landry began caring for the four puppies, administering oxygen to two of them for about 15 minutes before they regained consciousness and started breathing on their own.

Nineteen firefighters responded to the fire, according to officials. No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported, and the department is investigating the cause of the fire.

The puppies are currently in the care of the Harrison County Humane Society. For more information on the puppies, please contact the Humane Society of South Mississippi at 228-863-3354 or visit the website