NEW ORLEANS -- A barrage of fireworks lit up the sky above New Orleans Tuesday night as the Crescent City joined the rest of the country to celebrate our independence.

Hundreds of people gathered around the Mississippi River for the Fourth of July to watch the show. Games, grilling, music and -- of course -- the red white and blue were on display as the sky turned dark and all eyes turned to the two "dueling barges."

Elaine Numbee Honeycutt came out to Crescent Park early to celebrate her birthday along with the Country's. She's turning 60 while America turns 241.

"We get a chance to eat with each other, share all kinds of beverages and get a chance to see people that we haven't seen in years and years and years," Honeycutt said.

She wasn't alone. Groups of friends and family from across the city and country were there celebrating with her. And while they were celebrating, it was impossible to tell who was a Republican, Democrat, or anything in between.

"I think it's a day that we should put our difference aside and come together to be as one," said John Davis, a New Orleans resident.

"It's a great privelege that we have," added Ana Ramirez, who was visiting from North Carolina. "This country where we feel sage to travel and get to know different parts."

And New Orleans might be the best place to be for any celebration.

"It's a city full of celebration and I think this is the first really special Fourth of July for me," said Carloyn Isaacson.

And as the fireworks burst overhead, these families and friend cherished another year of freedom and another night together.