NEW ORLEANS – Early voting is underway for the October elections.

Voters who made it out to the ballots on Saturday say the process was quick and easy.

Voters Victoria Weatherington and her son, Carter, never miss an election day.

“I like being involved. I like having my voice be heard, and you can't complain if you didn't go out and do anything,” Victoria Weatherington said.

Officials say coming in early to vote is your best bet.

“I think early voting gives you more choices, and you can fit it into your schedule, and I just love early voting so I would encourage everyone to get it out the way. Voting early is really easy,” Sandra Wilson, of the Registrar of Voters, said.

This year one feature may make the process smoother than before.

“This time across the state of Louisiana, when you show your ID, we just swipe your card, and your info comes up and it makes the process even swifter,” Wilson said.

The new fast way is all Anthony Buckles knows as it is his first time voting.

“I wanted to get the experience of voting, just to see how it is,” Buckles said.

For voter Ralph Morris, he looks forward to voting every time.

“That's part of your rights. We are out here doing what we need to do. Get the best person in office,” Morris said.

One voter, Paul Ward, has been voting early for the last couple of years and he says everyone should do it this way.

“Come out and vote early. Get it done, get it early, you won't forget!” Ward said.

Early voting continues through next Saturday. Early voting locations can be found here.