NEW ORLEANS – On Saturday five out of the 18 candidates for mayor of New Orleans appeared at a forum in New Orleans East at New Home Worship Center.

The meet and greet was organized by the Little Woods Neighborhood Association.

The candidates at the forum were Michael Bagneris, Byron Cole, Troy Henry, Brandon Dorrington and Tommie Vassel.

Each candidate got to speak for two minutes on topics such as what their vision for the city will be in terms of bringing businesses and economic opportunities for people living in the city.

“If you can go into the community and also go into the board room we can demand what we want in our communities and not have to accept what they give us,” Vassel said.

Byron Cole and Troy Henry did exchange words when it came to how they want implement economic development, especially for people of color, who they feel have been disenfranchised within the past few years.

Election Day is October 14.