NEW ORLEANS -- Crews on Monday began to pump out water that sat in the sunken gardens on Canal Boulevard in Lakeview since Saturday’s flooding.

At the same time, businesses along Harrison Avenue that took on water continued to rebuild by tearing up soggy carpet and ripping out wet drywall.

“We’ve had other downpours like this and never, ever had the water rise this quickly,” said Kitsy Adams, with Lakeview Burgers and Seafood. “I’m not going to believe that those pumps were on.”

There were some familiar spots, such as the Canal Boulevard underpass, that flooded Saturday. But even that was higher than usual, neighbors said. Many hopped into kayaks and canoes to get around the neighborhood.

But water on Harrison that later crept into businesses wasn’t expected.

At Parlay’s, nearly a foot of water covered the barroom floor.

The bartender stood outside in the middle of the road trying to slow traffic to stop wakes from sending more water into the bar and other businesses.

Manager Anna Boudousque said there wasn’t much she could do but wait to start the cleanup after the water drained.

“I can’t even leave and I’m sopping wet and I’m walking in Katrina water practically,” she said. “We are making the best of it.”