NEW ORLEANS - Video captured on a cell phone shows the flooding on August 5. The video shows the road completely covered by water. The water flooded businesses forcing owners to toss out everything that was damaged.

Kevin Banks owns Exclusive Barber Shop and Salon. He says he had to get rid of nearly all of his furniture because of the flooding.

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Mid-City flooded on July 22 and August 5 and could flood for the third time with Tropical Depression Harvey.

"There's no safety net for what we do so it's definitely a big scare," Banks said.

Small business owners in Mid-City are preparing for the big storm. Some are getting things off the floor and holding off repairs until Harvey passes. Others, like Kim Krivjanick, haven't even gotten that far.

"Every day the store is in this condition, I'm losing money," Krivjanick said. "Sales that I should've had this month should've been $14,000; they're at $1,283 for the month. That's a lot of money lost."

Business owners say they're suffering for someone else's mistake.

"There's a degree of incompetency somewhere and I feel as though the city is not being forthright," said Alvi Mogilles, McHardy's Chicken and Fixin' owner.

"Somebody else is passing off their negligence onto me," added Krivjanick. "That's what it boils down to."

Banks is feeling it too.

"If we fall, we're not a big company. We fall, we might just splat on the ground," Banks said.