NEW ORLEANS -- Playing America's favorite pastime, baseball isn't supposed to be dangerous, but this Wednesday it almost cost several people their lives.

"How did he know the schedule, what information was readily available because that's cause for concern?" asked Robert Allen.

Allen is a veteran with extensive military experience. He's served to protect high ranking officials all over the world; now he teaches at Tulane University's School of Emergency and Security Studies.

"For lack of a better choice of words, you're a sitting duck out there," he said in reference to the baseball field where the Wednesday's shooting occurred.

We talked with him on a baseball field in Metairie to better understand how difficult it was to take down James Hodgkinson as he began shooting.

"He actually began firing on the right side of home plate, firing through the fence, he started moving around," Allen explained.

Tthe scary reality is, according to Allen, a baseball field hardly has any cover. He says if wasn't for Congressman Steve Scalise's police detail, there could have been multiple fatalities.

"The only reason the two Capitol Police were there was do to the fact that Congressman Scalise is the House Majority Whip," Allen said.

This morning it was a field, but officials are constantly out in public, sometimes just like everyone else.

"I wouldn't even know how to respond if someone were to start shooting at a baseball field," Allen said.

Earlier we spoke with some out on the diamond, and they say, it's just something the could never imagine.

"They did an amazing job," they said. "They did something most people, as a normal person wouldn't do, while other people run away from the sound of gun fire these guys were engaging the target."

Allen says people shouldn't live in fear of a mass shooting. However today, he says it took heroes to save lives.