NEW ORLEANS, La. - Animal shelters here in New Orleans are doing what they can to help with rescue efforts in and around Houston. They've been busy making space so they can take whatever animal comes their way, and one local facility has already started seeing an influx of animals.

"We expect more tonight and more over the next few days as other areas continue to flood," said Zeus' Rescue owner, Michelle Ingram.

As rescue operations continue in Houston and surrounding areas, Zeus' Rescue in New Orleans has stayed busy also lending a helping hand.

"We're at close to 70 right now that we've taken in so far," said Ingram. "So far, it's pretty equal with cats and dogs."

For the past few days, they've taken in some furry faces from several animal shelters that have reached out.

"Saturday we started intake and it's been a blur ever since," Ingram said. "It's anywhere that there's a need. We work together with a lot of rescues and just help as many as we can. St. Landry Parish is one of the ones we helped. A lot of their outside kennels from all that rain kind of flooded, but the building is still holding strong. We're working with Crowley and I think they're still pretty good."

With their kennels now filled with dogs, cats and even newborn kittens, they're asking for the public's help. Many have already answered.

"Just people who work in animal rescue; they work so hard," said Amelie Thompson. "It's just nothing like it. It's hard work and it's courageous and they have hearts of gold."

Thompson was one who gave donations and goodies for the animals.

"They did so much for the floods last year and I know how hard they work and I brought my towels over," she said.

Others like Shannon Connor and her family are choosing to help by fostering an animal. Even though picking which one to take is no easy task.

"It's great," said Connor. "If the dogs are in a home environment I feel like they're more likely to get adopted when somebody looking knows they've lived in a home."

With more pets on the way, it's all hands on deck.

"We're preparing for a lot of animals," said Ingram. "We think this is just Phase 1. I expect there to be a Phase 2, 3, and maybe 4."

However with a city like New Orleans behind them, they know the animals are in good hands. And maybe they'll find their forever home along the way.

Those are Zeus' Rescue are in need of more people interested in fostering an animal (especially cats/kittens). It comes at no cost to the person interested, and all food and other items are given. If you're interested, you can contact Zeus' Rescue by calling them at 504-309-2144.