NEW ORLEANS – Police are looking for four women they believe pretended to be an Uber ride in order to kidnap an unsuspecting woman.

Police said around 5 a.m. Thursday the woman was waiting for a ride at the corner of Conti and Dauphine streets in the French Quarter.

"As she was waiting for her Uber she was approached by 4 females in a vehicle who asked he if she wanted to do a split fare Uber" said Eighth District Commander Nick Gernon.

Police said she agreed thinking it was possibly her Uber, but not long into the ride the victim realized the driver was going in circles.

"As they were making circles, the actual Uber driver that she was waiting for called her,” Gernon said. “So at that point, she realized that she had gotten into the wrong Uber car.”

At this point, police said one of the women pulled out a knife.

"So they went to the chevron at 447 North Rampart and they intimidated her into buying alcohol for them they then brought her to a nearby ATM where they made her take money out for them" said Gernon.

So how can you stay safe when hailing a ride?

"Half the time I don't even know who's driving me," said one female tourist in the CBD.

The Uber app has features that allow you to see a picture of the driver and a description of their vehicle.

"All the things are there in the app, the type of car that's going to pull up and even the name of the guy. If there is more than one person in the car you shouldn't get in it,” Saul Cardoza said.