A fundraiser was held at Clearview mall on Saturday to help a 5-month-old baby boy born with a hole in his stomach, who is fighting for his life.

Hayze Hart was born at Ochsner Baptist Hospital with Gastroschisis, a rare birth defect.

Family members are trying to fly the baby to Boston Children's Hospital where doctors specialize in his condition. His mother revealed the baby's health insurance won't cover the cost to get him to Boston.

Hayze has been in the neonatal intensive care unit since birth.

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The goal is to help raise more than $20,000 in order to the send baby Hayze to Boston and cover the emergency surgeries that are needed.

“It feels really good. It feels really nice to feel all the love and support from the community. It really feels good. Thank you to everybody,” Hayze's mother Catherine Consolini said.

Hayze’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his medical fight.

Click here to go to Baby Hayze’s fight- Gastroschisis, GoFundMe page