NEW ORLEANS -- There are more delays regarding the future of the former Six Flags site in New Orleans East.

Offers have been coming in, but a committee decided Thursday they need to be put on hold for the next 60 days for some revision.

The former Six Flags location has been frozen in time since 2005.

"It was very much needed in this area," said longtime resident, Marlene Wade. "It gave the children a lot to do."

"It's going to waste," said resident John Robertson. "All the rides are deteriorating and they say they'll put something there and never do."

After the Executive Committee Meeting for the city's Industrial Development Board, it looks like the old theme park will stay that way a little longer.

"I don't see any depth of commitment financially into the development of the property once we get past the purchase," said a committee member.

All three bids discussed for possible redevelopment were put on hold because members agreed more project details and revisions were needed.

"I guess I would turn to each of you with a suggestion, that as an Executive Committee, we make no recommendation to the Board on these three proposals and we keep the process open for another 60 days."

The delay is making some upset, especially from those who see the park every day.

"It's a site that's just deteriorating you know, it's a shame," said Robertson.

Residents said they're frustrated with the fact that it's sat untouched for years and that they want something done and soon.

"Yes I think it will happen," said Wade. "But when, that is the question."

A question Robertson said his family is asking as well.

"To say we live this close, I'd love to take my daughter there on a Saturday and just enjoy it," he said. "It's something our children should be able to experience."

Many agree the park holds memories they want others to enjoy.

"There's a lot of potential, a lot of land, a lot of development that needs to take place and I'm hoping that it happens," said Wade. "As long as we get something that's the main part."

They said now is the time for the board to commit so this roller coaster of frustration can turn into one of fun.