NEW ORLEANS - Before Hurricane Harvey hit, gas prices were expected to rise for about two weeks, but now experts say it could be much longer.

According to Don Redman, Louisiana's AAA spokesman, the average price of a gallon of gas in New Orleans that month was $2.15. Currently, the average is 26 cents higher at $2.41 per gallon.

Oil refineries in Texas are badly damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The storm touched down as a Category-4 hurricane, leaving behind a trail of destruction. New Orleans wasn't hit at all, but the area is seeing an impact from Harvey and could see more after Hurricane Irma.

"It's that time of year, you have hurricanes in the Gulf, one affecting Louisiana, the other affecting Florida. It's one of those byproducts of where we get our oil and gas from," said Frank Caracci, who says he's recently paid as much as $2.80 per gallon for gas.

"They've definitely gone up," said Steve Lim, who said he isn't complaining. "It's understandable considering what's going on over in Houston and (other parts) of Texas.

Others say since they need the gasoline, the price doesn't matter as much.

"I don't really pay attention to it, I just get it because I need to," said Lachelle Baker. "Any way I can go from A to Z."

That's not a bad attitude to have, considering the higher prices could be around for a while. Redman said we should expect to pay more through the rest of September.

"We've always seen prices go up like a rocket, but fall like a feather and that's probably going to be the case," said Redman. "It'll be a while before some of those prices come down."