HOUMA -- Ten-year-old Jadyn was busy getting her lemonade stand ready for business on Tuesday morning.

She's selling all the summer favorites "Pink lemonade, regular, strawberry -- a bunch of flavors"
And she’s making a big profit, "a couple thousand," she said. But she's not keeping the money
"It's benefitted other people,” Jadyn said.

She donates the money to Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center or members of her community battling cancer

"I just wanted to help people that also have cancer,” Jadyn said.

Jadyn knows what it's like to need a little help herself.

"I had acute lymphoblastic (leukemia), and I was diagnosed in September. People would bring me things and people just treated me so kindly,” she said. “So I kinda wanted to give back to people that were battling cancer, too."

On Wednesday she’ll team up with Zack's Famous Frozen Yogurt to raise more money for the cancer center in Houma. And Zack's will donate 20 percent of sales to the center as well. That sale begins at 3 p.m.

While Jadyn's days are now filled with sunshine, she said she won't stop fighting for those in need.

"It just kinda gives you a little happy feeling inside,” she said.