GRANDE ISLE – For a brief period, parts of Grande Isle fell under a Tropical Storm warning as some of the outer bands of Harvey hit the coast.

Strong winds from Harvey pushed the water from the Gulf ashore on Grand Isle and caused rocks and sand that make up the levee to be eroded away. Even though some residents experienced some of the impacts, they remain grateful they did not experience worse.

“We suffered a lot of tidal surge here, but we worried about it coming a little bit closer,” one resident said.

Other residents said that more rocks should be added to help protect homes from the water coming ashore during severe weather in the future.

“We need to continue to work together as a team to go ahead and put the rocks in the Gulf. If you don’t put the rocks in the Gulf you’re just going to see the sand (from the levee) fall into the Gulf. Sand is not the answer,” another resident said.

The mayor of Grande Isle is hoping to have more homes along the shore protected with more rocks in about a month.