HAMMOND -- A number of employees at a Hammond Dairy Queen were fired Monday after they directed a tirade at officers who visited the ice-cream store.

Sources told WBRZ-TV that the employees were rude to Tangipahoa Parish sheriff’s deputies who dropped in for dinner on Saturday.

The company did not elaborate on what happened, but some people posted on Facebook that some members of the kitchen staff berated the deputies, calling them “pigs” and saying they were “crooked.” The deputies reportedly asked for their money back and left the restaurant.

The manager then reportedly told the employees to keep their comments to themselves.

The store on Monday posted on its Facebook page that it takes situations like that “seriously.”

“Our relationship with the Hammond community is of the utmost importance and we respect and support our HPD/TPSO officers,” the company wrote. “We do not tolerate any derogatory behavior towards officers or any customers.”