NEW ORLEANS -- The father of the man who fatally shot himself after killing his daughter and friend during a chase with State Police said he can’t make sense of the events.

“I can’t imagine why he would have been running from them, unless he was just paranoid because he was being chased,” Kenneth Johnson told The New Orleans Advocate.

His son, Kenneth Davis, fled from State Police when they tried to pull him over at Canal and Rampart streets Wednesday afternoon since the car he was in had a stolen license plate on it. A 7-mile chase ended on Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans East when the car Davis drove, which also was stolen, slammed into a fence.

Ivory Williams, Davis’ 2-year-old daughter, and 25-year-old Brandon Harold, a friend of Davis, died when they were thrown from the car.

“At first, I couldn’t believe that he took his own life,” Davis’ father told The Advocate. “He loved the kid so much, so it must have been a frantic reaction — seeing her like that (after the crash).”

Authorities said Friday the gun Davis used to end his life after the chase was stolen, as were other items found in the Honda Accord, including another gun, two laptops and two wallets. Police said items were stolen from five of the eight police districts in town.

Johnson told The Advocate his son was a happy person who, to his knowledge, had no serious brushes with the law and liked playing video games with his friends.

“He might have had a misdemeanor or two, but nothing else,” Johnson said. “He wasn’t a bad child. I heard he had just got a job."