We’ve all heard the warnings to stay inside when possible during oppressive heat. But you aren't the only one wanting to get in and cool off. Some creepy-crawlers might start popping up in your home soon.

Whether you see them or not, pretty much every home has pests of some sort living inside. The hot summer heat could drive dangerous pests, like Brown Recluse spiders, out of your hot attic and into the places you want them least.

“You have to be aware of this spider on the couches, under little blankets if you have throws or things like that. When you're pulling shoes out of the closets and putting on those nice summer shoes, shake them out. That’s a good precaution,” said Jay Everitt, Technical Director at Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions in St. Louis.

Brown Recluse spiders can be found all over the South, from East Tennessee to Oklahoma.

The phones at Rottler Pest and Lawn solutions have been ringing off the hook lately with calls about spiders. The team there expects the volume to pick up in the next few days.

Everitt said one way to identify a Brown Recluse is to look for a violin shape on its body. Don't get too close, though -- the spider’s venomous bite can cause painful sores that could land a person in the hospital.

Experts say Brown Recluse spiders are one of the more challenging species because they tend to infest homes in nooks and crannies, and conventional pest control methods are sometimes ineffective. They recommend using glue traps instead of pesticides to fight infestations.

If you do have Brown Recluse in your home, your best move may be to call the professionals.