NEW ORLEANS -- For many walking over the sidewalk on Carrollton near Dumaine, the problem isn't noticeable, but a closer look will show you a huge problem underneath it.

About a week ago, a poor Labrador Retriever fell into a hole under the sidewalk and had to be pulled out.

Chris Cole, who lives near the hole, says he's seen at least one person slip in.

"And this gentleman falling just last week, there's a lot more traffic with the restaurant down here," Cole said.

Cole told Eyewitness News he's been concerned about the problem since Entergy put in a new gas line.

"Broke in this concrete and ran the gas line to the side of the house here," he pointed out.

That was a year and a half ago and since then something has made the soil erode.

"Almost three feet on this side," he said.

Eyewitness News contacted Entergy and they said the issue had not been brought to their attention until now. A spokesperson said it's possible a tree root has interfered with a sewer or water pipe, and crews will be investigating and making repairs this week.

In the meantime, neighbors say it's a busy weekend with Voodoo Fest nearby.

"It has the potential to hurt somebody," Cole added.