NEW ORLEANS – A Lakeview man sprung into action when he saw a group of people trying to break into cars on his surveillance system.

The incident occurred around 2:40 a.m. on Tuesday in the 6900 block of General Haig Street when noise from Gino Ascani’s camera system alerted his fiancée to wake him up.

“She heard the clicking noise and saw them in the driveway,” Ascani said.

Ascani told his fiancée to call police and then he grabbed a gun to follow the suspects he saw on camera. He was able to sneak up behind on four of them as they walked down the street near Walker.

“The thing was I wanted to follow them to make sure they weren't going to victimize anyone else and I was waiting for the police when I felt that they were getting ready to flee. That's when I yelled “Freeze!” and that's when they ran,” Ascani said.

As they took off, police say Kilton Lowery shot twice at Ascani but missed. Ascani said he did not return fire to avoid hitting the wrong person. He then said the suspects disappeared towards Robert E. Lee. Shortly after, officers responded to the call to see a car speeding off near General Haig.

“Apparently they observe the police officers as well and tried to elude the officers before we can even engage them in a vehicle pursuit or anything they flipped the vehicle,” police said.

The crash happened on Harrison Avenue near NOPD’s horse stables. Travilique Lewis and Lowery were able to get out and hide. Officers later found them near some of the horse trailers.

Police found Kiana Neville and Arielle Temple walking down Marconi. They were picked up and identified as women seen pulling on car doors. Police say Lowery has committed multiple crimes in the Third District but they advise citizens not to put themselves in harm’s way to catch anyone.

“In this incident he was fortunate nobody was injured,” police said.

Ascani said he thought of other incidents in the past and decided to take action.

“I just can't think about what happened two years ago where an innocent father and young sons got guns put to their heads and sit back and wait for the police,” Ascani said.

Lowery, the shooter in the incident, was booked with counts of assault, illegal possession of a firearm and burglary. The three other women in the incident also face counts of burglary.