NEW ORLEANS -- Southeast Louisiana is expecting heavy rain from the storm and it's causing many locals to consider how to protect their homes from potential flooding.

There are a couple things you need to do between now and Wednesday.

"You need gasoline, you need cash, make sure you bring all your prescription and non-prescription medications," Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Director Joe Valiente said.

Parish officials say there's a lot you can do around the house.

"Remove everything in your yard, in your backyard and your front yard that's potentially movable," Valiente said.

That includes flags, lawn furniture and grills.

"Anything that could fly or stop up a drain, get that inside," St. Charles Parish President Larry Cochran said.

Also prepare for some flooding.

"We can expect some extremely heavy rain events and those rain events could last over a period of two or three days," Valiente said.

Sandbag stations will open at 8:30 tomorrow morning across several parishes.

"We're putting sandbag stations on the East Bank, West Bank and bayou and we do have 60 thousand ready to go, 30 thousand on the East Bank and 30 thousand on the West Bank," Cochran said.

To use those sandbags effectively, lay them down like you would bricks. That's the method crews use when sandbagging Jefferson Parish.

"They'll overlay them so they won't stack them edge to edge but they will overlap them," Valiente said.

Like any weather event, plan ahead and take precautions just in case.

"Hope for the best but prepare for the worst," Cochran said.