NEW ORLEANS -- Parkway Bakery is teaming up with the Al Copeland Foundation to harness the popularity of their Thanksgiving Poboy and use it for good.

According to our partners at The New Orleans Advocate, Parkway will thank people who make a $100 donation to the Al Copeland Foundation with a Thanksgiving poboy, fries, a soft drink or a pint of Abita 30 by 90 beer and t-shirt. But most importantly, they'll get to skip the line.

Parkway's Thanksgiving poboys, french bread stuffed with all the holiday staples, are served on Wednesdays in November and usually draw a massive line. The charitable campaign called #IDidItForTheTurkey will harness the Thanksgiving Poboys' popularity and use it for the greater good.

“People go crazy for it, they love it and we want to make it into something bigger, because it has that potential,” Parkway manager Justin Kennedy told The New Orleans Advocate. “When something gets a response like this does, that means it has the potential to help somebody.”

The Al Copeland Foundation, named for the legendary New Orleans restaurateur, supports cancer research.

For more information, visit The New Orleans Advocate's website.