NEW ORLEANS – Community members came together to remember the 12th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on Sunday.

The anniversary last week, however it was interrupted by Hurricane Harvey.

"We celebrating for whatever happens today. Whatever happens tomorrow, we celebrating. You're not going to take us away,” Hurricane Katrina survivor, DJ Williams, said.

The anniversary was celebrated through prayer, music and a march through the Lower 9th Ward. The area was one of the hardest hit after the levee near the Industrial Canal broke. One survivor, Joycelyn Green-Askew, remembered losing some of her loved ones in the storm.

"The house started moving, and my aunt fell off the roof along with her great grand baby, and she didn't make it,” Green-Askew said.

Another survivor, Robert Green, said his mother died during Hurricane Katrina and he is reminded of his loss everyday.

“They died on the corner of Claiborne and Tennessee. I have to pass that point every time I leave my house,” Green said.

Green said that even though he and many others lost loved ones during the storm, he lives with hope on the 12th anniversary.

“I have family here I have friends here. This is what we had before, and we can have those same things, but you have to persevere through 'em,” Green said.

Some say they are worried similar tragedies will happen to the people of Texas facing Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath.

However, survivors of Hurricane Katrina are grateful for the support Texan showed them during their time of need.

"Our prayers are with the people in Houston. 12 years ago they opened their doors to us,” survivor Demetrius Warren said.

About 200 people came out to the march, which started near Jourdan Avenue and continued to St. Claude.