Julia Peters' daughter hasn't left her mother's side since she's been back home. Last week, the 28-year-old was in Dominica when Hurricane Maria tore through the small island.

"We saw roofs flying, we saw trees, just looking out of the windows, high winds. It sounded like a subway or something was coming down; it was extremely noisy and items flying everywhere. It was like something out of a movie," said Julia.

The Ross University medical student was in Domininca studying to become doctor. She says she was stranded on the island and unable to get in touch with anyone for days. When boats arrived to take students and staff to St. Lucia, where they'd fly to Florida, Julia boarded the first one - and that's when her family was finally able to reach her.

"Hearing her voice was all I really needed. It made everything feel ok," said Julia's sister, Joanna Peters. "It's one thing for somebody to tell you she's ok but to hear her say it herself is completely different."

Julia's mom, Jeanetta Peters, says the entire family cried tears of joy when they talked to Julia, who is happy to be safe at home in Algiers.

"I literally don't have words to explain the joy that I have," said Julia. "It was a very unexpected visit home but I'm welcoming it with open arms. Ideally, I would like to never see that island again, but we'll see what the recovery plan has in store."

According to Ross University, there will be no classes for the next two weeks as the university tries to find a location for students to resume their medical education.