BATON ROUGE- Barbara Sej says happy moments with her 4-year-old Colleen are special, because there haven't been as many since the little girl with Down syndrome was sent to St. Jude Hospital in Memphis with a leukemia diagnosis in early July.

That was the first hit.

The second came in a text message a month later. Sej's Baton Rouge apartment was underwater from a historic flood, while she watched her daughter continue to struggle with chemo treatments hundreds of miles away.

"Cried and had a panic attack and they were just you know, you could stay here," said Sej.

That blessing was burst by frustrations with FEMA, but help from the Northshore Cajun Army, a group of women dedicated to continuing flood recovery efforts, found its way to them.

"It really does come close to my heart, not only because of the Down syndrome, but in general, as to the struggles she going through as a single mom," said Cajun Army member Liz Gary.

Things were looking up, as Sej was set to move into a new apartment this weekend, before heading to Memphis for Colleen's final treatment at St. Jude. But a fire tore through the complex Thursday.

"I keep saying it's going to end, but I'm kind of three strikes right now," said Sej, "I'm kind of wondering how much more I can take."

The Cajun Army has faith and a call out now to help find the family a new place, fast, and near the Baton Rouge hospital Colleen will be resuming her care at once she's home.

"We know it can happen. We know it will happen," said Gray, "Baton Rouge is huge and there's a lot of people out there that can make it happen."

The organization, Barbara and Colleen are hoping you're one of them.

To help the Northshore Cajun Army continue its recovery efforts, including helping this family, visit their website,, or their Facebook page,